Boat Launch 

Boat Launch Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

The boat launch is one of the busiest locations in all of Shadybrook. During the week, this spot sees sporadic visitors, while in the morning it is frequented by fisherman. During the evening hours, this setting is where friends and family from all around the POA gather to socialize with swimming, boating, barbeques and even the sound of horse shoes can be heard in the distance.

During the weekend, the launch is home to as many as twenty vehicles. A combination of property owners putting their craft into the lake and a healthy social crowd populate this area. Often, the social events will go late into the night, as the sound of laughter and music will proceed long after dark.

Holidays are another period where the boat launch experiences a high volume of usage. This is especially true during major holidays, like Memorial Day, Labor Day, The Fourth of July, and New Years Eve. The boat launch is a popular place for locals to come and set off fireworks during these holidays.

Nearby Amenities are:

Members only boat ramp with adjacent park, Bath house and swimming pier.